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Map Details: Rescue Mission 2 - Part ONE

DF1 | DF2 | DFLW | DFTFD | DFBHD | DFBHD: TerraNova EXP | DFBHD: Team Sabre | Joint Operations | Joint Ops: Escalation | Joint Ops: IC | Joint Ops: AW2 | Delta Force Xtreme | Delta Force Xtreme2

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Rescue Mission 2 - Part ONE

Map Creator:

David Snow

Game Version:

DFBHD: Team Sabre

Game Type(s):



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2 users have rated this map.
DFB Rating: 

6 of 10

User Rating: 

8 of 10

Map Description:

This is a two part mission. In this first part, you will be inserted by BlackHawk to the edge of the city. Follow your written instructions to complete the mission. After you finish this first part, go to Rescue Mission 2 - Part 2.

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Great stuff!

Posted: Tuesday - March 16, 2004 11:40PM

Posted by: dcostelloe


Posted: Wednesday - March 17, 2004 9:17PM

Posted by: 7>Snake

Part One of the mission was reasonably well done. Map layout and execution was great. Mission well laid out and logical. Except for being at the team location, I couldn't see any reason for getting the secret documents. Maybe it's just me but the Teammate AI's kept me busy getting them unstuck from behind buildings and corners. Aside from that, they weren't of much use during the map. I kept the entire team alive during the map but still did not complete that goal of protecting my team? Rescued hostages and ended map but only managed 2 of 6 mission goals ?? Blew all the crates as required so that was OK. Very well done building construction. Hostages missed getting on the Black Hawk but they did chase after it. Wouls probably play it again to see what I missed.

Part 1

Posted: Tuesday - March 23, 2004 3:20AM

Posted by: Farmdog

This is a medium length Snow-Op when compared to other Snow projects. Ample save points and ammo, plus non-stock buildings created from stock parts--lots of creativity as usual in the buidling fabrications. I didn't have any problem keeping the team alive. There's a reminder on how to control the team members provided early in the game. In fact, this map has a high level of instruction built in--hard not to finish it. I didn't encounter any of the problems Snake ran into. I did notice that not all of the mission goals were completed according to the final summary page; however, I did complete the mission with 1 save point remaining. I got the hostages out of the jail and once in the LZ they did get on the helo and were safely evacuated. The player needs to wait a minute after the bird has left the LZ--the mission will then end on its own. For those following Snow's maps over the past couple of years the use of team members comes in handy. I use the CAP feature to set up spacing based on danger areas. You can do the old "bump" method and get across danger areas while having some fire support while skirting an alley or building entrance. I was a little surprised to have the mission end as quickly as it did, but it leads perfectly into Part 2 without a flaw. Plenty of armor and technicals cruising around--plus a slug of enemy to deal with.

Congrats To David Snow

Posted: Wednesday - April 14, 2004 4:53PM

Posted by: *RECO* Hardyz

i wish to give my congrats to mr david snow on a job well done, i enoyed playing this map for the hour i played it, excelent layout of buildings and vegitation so congrats on that a few tweaks i can recommend though on part 2 when your in the convoy leaving it says RPG roof top right and no sign on a RPG i even got out and had a look..... could of done with more sounds like communication with base but hey i'm just being picky now lol excellent job david keep up the good work, just a few tweaks and this could very easily be a 10 rated map i think DFbarracks should rate this map its good shows that fine map making is still out there.. congrats david *RECO* Hardyz

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