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Map Details: Parking lot#9

DF1 | DF2 | DFLW | DFTFD | DFBHD | DFBHD: TerraNova EXP | DFBHD: Team Sabre | Joint Operations | Joint Ops: Escalation | Joint Ops: IC | Joint Ops: AW2 | Delta Force Xtreme | Delta Force Xtreme2

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Parking lot#9

Map Creator:


Game Version:

DF: Black Hawk Down

Game Type(s):

AD and TDM


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5 users have rated this map.
DFB Rating: 

6 of 10

User Rating: 

8 of 10

Map Description:

I thought I go out on a lim and make this very different, there are two sides to spawn for the attacker and one for the defender Witch is more made to fortify this homemade office building near the multi parking lot. TDM the spawn points are at Opposite sides of the lower parking lot (updated lag fixes were made and also theres a ladder for you guys who wanted to the top of the office building roof heh)Enjoy all.

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i like the screenshot

Posted: Monday - October 20, 2003 2:58PM

Posted by: Dire Wolf

very cool looking map.wish it was a tdm/dm also.

way to laggy

Posted: Monday - October 20, 2003 5:12PM

Posted by: evil

the lag just kills..and i dont have a weak computer..but when i removed the street lights ...it was just fine. also it would have been cool to go up to the top of that thing. which is what i wanted to do.

Posted: Monday - October 20, 2003 8:33PM

Posted by: *-RF-*Bloodinfested

Yes it’s sometimes lagy in some areas, there’s really no fix to this because I’ve almost maxed out the items and all maps start getting lagy when you put over 1000 items in. and also its not the best for a 50 ppl server due to its battle area but 16 ppl or so its good.

eh well.

Posted: Monday - October 20, 2003 9:03PM

Posted by: Sniper_2003

Well I think it was a pretty fair map, just next time take the extra 6 minutes to add a ladder to tall buildings, and get rid of anything that will cause lag.

Maps lag because...

Posted: Tuesday - October 21, 2003 12:46AM

Posted by: steadyretina

of overuse of lighting (fires and lights in the fog), overlapping of objects (mostly occurs when you have tons of custom-builds, which you do) and too much fog. remember that map-making should take the little guy into consideration because his machine might not be able to handle it. hard to do, mind you, but essential in creating fun and playable Multi-player maps. it is because of this the I will give the map an official 3, I like the creativity and feel here, but it suffer the gameplay because of lag and lack of accessibility (mainly the office bldg roof! I want up there!...lol)..keep up your great ideas though...they are refreshing.

Screw the little guy

Posted: Sunday - November 9, 2003 8:28PM

Posted by: Beavis

i loved the map. runs fine here with ZERO lagg. someone needs to force these turds off there pentium 2's. Im sick of these whiners . This is not quake 1, so update your crapbox and quit crying cause you can't run a great map. not everyone likes bare terrain and sand on every map. Again Great map and original idea.

Posted: Monday - November 10, 2003 7:15PM

Posted by: *-RF-*Bloodinfested

YA i never had any lag when I made this map(pentium 4 with 1g of ram) , I understand about ppl with the small time computer. o well what can I say but for you little ppl when you see my name in a map don't dl it because your computer most likly will not handle it.

Posted: Monday - November 17, 2003 8:29PM

Posted by: *-RF-*Bloodinfested

LOL crapbox -too funny

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