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Map Details: Geyser Meltdown

DF1 | DF2 | DFLW | DFTFD | DFBHD | DFBHD: TerraNova EXP | DFBHD: Team Sabre | Joint Operations | Joint Ops: Escalation | Joint Ops: IC | Joint Ops: AW2 | Delta Force Xtreme | Delta Force Xtreme2

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Geyser Meltdown

Map Creator:


Game Version:

Delta Force Xtreme 2

Game Type(s):



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9 of 10

Map Description:

DFX2 Single Player

Optional music for map: http://www.mediafire.com/?jqyq2ezayzw; Place into Delta Force Xtreme 2 folder

You stumbled through the dark caves from the last mission, and now find yourself in a strange place. It looks like people haven't been there for centuries. The reality of the situation, however, couldn't be further from the truth. Wupass's forces are hot on your tail. It's time to get out of this murky hellhole once and for all!

This is the third level of the series. It's getting much tougher now. Watch your corners!

Update, October 25, 2009: Music no longer restarts when you die

[ 3 users have commented on this map ] [ Comment on this Map ]


Posted: Tuesday - October 27, 2009 10:14AM

Posted by: Spinney

I can't recommend this map enough. A lot of work went into this. Well thought out obstacles to overcome plus a whole lot of shooters make this a never-a-dull-moment map. One of the best maps I've played in SP.

Posted: Sunday - November 29, 2009 1:14PM

Posted by: Xx_jet_xX

Very creative map in regards to the custom compound maze to go through. One issue i have is AI placement. you could use some more work there since it apears you are doing volume over quality in that. I would highly suggest not puting the AI all in a row where you can lean and slowly move around a corner and snipe them. put them on differnt levels, and 1 or 2 per section thats on the opposite side of the entry to make the player look around more. You also have some sweet potential traps where you can have a couple AI pop out from an archway that was previously cleared and had a wall at the end of it. You made a trap similar after the jump over the pit thing but there is an issue with that as well, you had them all come from the same direction and after you respawned they were an easy target to kill in a full auto spray. I would suggest have several on different waypoints where they will stop in different points in that hall, and 1 or 2 stay behind the corners for just a bit more affect. remove the tanks from this map, No need for them with well placed AI, and the RPG AI you would be better off using a few snipers instead, or use AK47 for the ones that are within a couple meters of where you are coming through. Heres another suggestion and not completly to do with this map but COOP/SP maps in general, If you have AI that will fire at you but no chance in hell of seeing you much less shooting you, set them for deaf until you reach an area trigger, this way they will not fire at you when they are not engaged or even close to being engaed. Doing that will cut down on lag in a big way during heavy firefights. Definatly not a run and gun map.... Quite fun but could be much more challenging without any super powered AI being added, the ambiance calls for slow move and look everywhere but AI placement kills that.

Thanks guys.

Posted: Sunday - November 29, 2009 2:58PM

Posted by: beagle

I'll take these suggestions into account for the next map.

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