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Map Details: Iron Man IC4

DF1 | DF2 | DFLW | DFTFD | DFBHD | DFBHD: TerraNova EXP | DFBHD: Team Sabre | Joint Operations | Joint Ops: Escalation | Joint Ops: IC | Joint Ops: AW2 | Delta Force Xtreme | Delta Force Xtreme2

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Iron Man IC4

Map Creator:


Game Version:

Joint Ops: International Conflict

Game Type(s):



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7 of 10

Map Description:

The North Korean Military is constructing a huge weapon of mass destruction and your team has been brought in to disable it. You have several goals to accomplish along the way to be able to proceed to the next areas. Most targets are marked in red, but a couple that are inside the Iron Man are not. Have fun and enjoy! Iron Man was made by FlintRock and GWL-Dawg.

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Posted: Thursday - April 16, 2009 3:39AM

Posted by: UncleSticky

Although frustrating with the choppers, it was a well laid out map. Everything seems to have worked correctly. You can even go into the "monster". Very cool.

Very Cool Map

Posted: Friday - April 17, 2009 1:25AM

Posted by: lixiaolong

Just wanted to say you accomplished a well drawn out masterpiece here Flinklock. It was and grand map where I personally can see where a lot of thought went into the creation of this map. Was very fun playing though it.

Posted: Friday - April 17, 2009 7:10AM

Posted by: KSerena

From a distance the huge Iron Man looked very cool, the rpgs shooting from the fingers made it look like a deadly weapon. Looked deadly I say, cause in reality the rpgs were hardly a threat and I never bothered to even try taking them out, would have been nice if they would have actually been able to hit you, forcing you to take them out. But it looked cool and I couldn't wait to get in. When I got in however, I was disappointed, it wasn't as impressive when you got on top and inside of the Iron Man, as the objects were badly aligned, the layout had holes and overlapping objects caused flickering textures.

A big problem I had was that the only armory I found in the city was locked until all crates were blown. However, I was out of satchels and couldn't blow the last crate. It resulted in having to kill myself and walking all the way back from X, which was quite a long and boring walk. Having a PSP+armory before the city would make the map flow nicer. AI was acceptable, with a few medics it should flow nicely, but was pretty basic. Some of the AI between X and city were running towards you without firing and you had them killed before they came within their firing range, while others just stood there shooting non-stop through a tree. It wasn't that much of a problem since their accuracy was okay, but could be improved.

Picky, Picky, Picky...

Posted: Friday - April 17, 2009 1:47PM

Posted by: lixiaolong

I have to agree with MichaBen on the point of no armory before the first point. I too had to run back to the entrance point to grab more therms. An armory should be placed somewhere on the outside of the fenced in hangar to preclude this. And I was NOT disappointed, because I appreciate the time and effort that a mapper takes to create a map of this nature. Anything as extravigant as this Iron Man was constructed is the mappers choice and if it works then it works for me. I am not a mapper, just a player that has been playing JO since 2004. Thanks Flintlock for an almost perfect map.

Michaben can you do better?

Posted: Sunday - April 19, 2009 6:17PM

Posted by: Dawg O War

Not seen a spectacular map from you yet! We are waiting for that super map from the SUPPOSED GOD OF MAPPING! With all the works! LOL! You are nit pickin on everyones maps. LOL! You want us mappers to start nit pickin all your maps? LOL! I see some already have. Lot of mappers beginning to hate you Mich. LOL! Yes an extra armory would be good for single player map. I think Flint intended this to be a team play map for servers so 2 players with therms could do the job. The rocket guy fingers were all for show maybe they kill ya sometimes. You did not want em to murder you? We thought the other stuff deadly enough. We wanted to do more with inside of Robot but risked a liquid issue if anymore done inside due too too many intersecting parts. (Liquid... as in ai and players fall thru) Think you can assembled the Robot better? Do it then! We could call it Michaben version! Jack up those rockets! I will see if Flint will accept it or go for it. I only did a small bit of map some scripting and placing some parts so most of credit goes to Flint. I thought it was a great map. LOL! Who is this Deltaforceguy? Are ya Michaben's side kick? Giving him 5 rating, boy you need to go to map rating school! Dude that is way too low! I think 7 is too low as well Mich but thats is my opinion! LOL!


Posted: Sunday - April 19, 2009 8:41PM

Posted by: KSerena

Are you the same Dawg O War that called people losers in the forum when they didn't like your ranting about ICE mod? You rant, make personal remarks and talk behind peoples back all the time, yet when there is some negative comment on a map where you helped, you act as a crybaby. But oh well, let not comment further on this, I don't want to lower myself to your level.

About the rating, maybe you should go to the map rating school yourself (it's in the forum, topic "Map Rating Guidelines"). There are lots of things listed there you should take into account when rating. Giving maps with poor construction (holes, overlapping objects, floating objects) and average AI a 9 or 10 rating wouldn't be fair towards map that are true master pieces, cause you can't rate 11 out of 10. And 7 or 8 doesn't mean a map is bad, for bad maps we have 5 and lower (and I agree with you that this map doesn't deserve a 5, but then again, everybody may have his opinion, although I believe mappers should have the right to know why you rated a map, so I hope the person who rated this 5 posts a comment).

Whaaa! I am cryin here! LOL!

Posted: Sunday - April 19, 2009 11:24PM

Posted by: Dawg O War

Right! Now... how are we ever gonna be mapping buddies if we go on like this Michaben? I want to learn all your mapping knowledge. LOL! Come on lower yourself. Not sure what your so High on? LOL! What about that map of all maps? You gonna make it? My comments about ICE mod are true. Lots of good work on it but it is all spoiled when they put it together for update. It is messed up for mappers to have to go and fix their maps everytime there is an update of a mod. There is usely lots of objects changing to other parts, parts in map gone, or stuff just does not work anymore. That issue also occured with the IC mod. If they want map makers to make maps with their mod they need to quit hosing us over.

Posted: Monday - April 20, 2009 7:23AM

Posted by: jabo1SFH

from a to b was too far for a foot map, especially with the absense of an armory inbetween(650m). i dont get too overly worried about alignments in custom built items. good job on the ironman. i did however found it ho-hum with the respawning mortar btr's, just sat back and took them out without leaving the b psp. the ground level inside needed more ai to give this map more action. the choppers were not a threat for me(they went down faster than the stock market, lol). the finger rpgs do kill, thats for sure. glad you guys thought of the "off" switches. also, on the way down from the top, i think blocking the sides off so players cant get onto the roofs would have been better. i just tossed sats down and let the ai shoot them. again, good job.

As you intended

Posted: Saturday - April 25, 2009 1:44AM

Posted by: Amp

I wont comment too much other then saying that i listened to the intentions, layout and game play from this maps first day. I can say you created as described and as you invisioned it. To create a map as close as intended in quite hard and custom builds will never be flawless in JO. Keep up the good work. Keep on mapping

we like

Posted: Monday - April 27, 2009 12:37PM

Posted by: SnapDragon

good game play all worked and ended nice layout keeped us on our toes dam good job, bring them on we need more

A problem?

Posted: Monday - April 27, 2009 1:28PM

Posted by: Gertrude04

I've downloaded this map, which looks awesome by the way, but can't get access to PSP B. I've blown all 6 crates with both satchels or thermite and it won't open. Am I doing something wrong or missing something? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


Posted: Monday - April 27, 2009 8:24PM

Posted by: Amp

Railracer redownload map

Can't get to B

Posted: Thursday - April 30, 2009 5:54PM

Posted by: TT-Waynebo

I have downloaded this file 5 times and everytime i load it in my server and play it B is unable to be taken no matter what i do. Plz let me know if there is a better file for this as i am wanting to try it out TY

a bit frustrating, but nice

Posted: Monday - May 4, 2009 8:20PM

Posted by: GreggBayld

as someone already said. it was a too long footwalk from a to b. Maybe place some vehicles? Ai was too easy also. No problem at all. And most of them just stood there in the beginning. Didnt seem to follow after me if i went hiding in a bush. That is bad. And why the hell is there no armory at B before you blow the crates. six crates and you can only carry 3 satchels. which means you have to walk back again(yea right) so i killed myself to blow the last crates. of course i thought i had killed everyone at B, but i was surprised killed because i was running around with the knife to move faster. So I HAD TO WALK ALL OVER AGAIN. at that moment i was very frustrated. The IRON MAN is a master piece job, but some overlap issues which can be fixed.

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