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Joint Ops: International Conflict

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Map Description:

GWL's first Easter theme map. Happy Easter from GWL! An EVIL EASTER BUNNY has been created by Satan's Son to destroy the true Easter Bunny and ruin Easter for all the good little children around the world. Your mission is to locate this monster and destroy it before it is fully operational. Goals: 1. Find and stand on all Easter Eggs till they activate 2. Find and eliminate section bosses 3. Destroy all electronics outside and inside Evil Bunny (Command Center) 4. Find and eliminate Son of Satan Hints: Watch out for Flying Hoppers (Shoot at flyers feet to kill) IMPORTANT: Visit www.gwl-squad.com Thanks to Snap, Bobcat, and the many others who helped test this map.

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Posted: Wednesday - February 27, 2008 7:37PM

Posted by: badar123


didnt get it

Posted: Thursday - February 28, 2008 9:56PM

Posted by: woodrow

sorry just could not get into the map just seemed a tad strange to see troops running in the air and stamping on eggs killed 20 eggs but could not face the next 40 .... to much chocolate for me

This is a Fantasy Holiday Map!!!!!

Posted: Thursday - February 28, 2008 11:03PM

Posted by: Dawg O War

Badar123 we are glad you enjoyed it m8ty! Woodrow did you play by yourself? Was it too hard for you? These guys are flying hoppers. Easter, hopping, did not have bunnies to put in to hop around for you so put in some gunners. They are a bit harder to shoot than the standard AI but is possible to kill if you aim at the feet. I tell you what these flyers will improve your shooting skill in a TDM stat server. Here is a hint if single player. After you done your first 20 eggs wait at bridge area shoot up all the flyers. They will run out. Then move forward. Really you have got to get into theme of the map and have fun.


Posted: Friday - February 29, 2008 7:56PM

Posted by: CamelTR

where is the LAST egg??

Good Show!

Posted: Friday - February 29, 2008 11:10PM

Posted by: Sgt.Saunders

I played this 'lag free'/'issue free' map alone via LAN and it ended/cycled just fine for me; however, the requirement of destroying the last two items (needed to trigger the map's ending) was somewhat unclear; i.e., destroy all electronics outside the Evil Bunny, that is, until I finally figured it out...heh...heh. For the sake of other gamers, I won't divulge what that is since it really isn't my call, but maybe the mapper might if it appears that others might be having a problem ending this map. Eliminating the 'flying hoppers', at least for me, could only be accomplished just prior to them touching back down upon the earth, as shooting them in midair was virtually ineffective. Acting like a 'proner' really helped eliminate the majority of the BGs, and running/dodging just ahead of them toward each egg also helped a lot. The 'Evil Bunny' was very well done (both inside and out), as was the giant Easter basket, and I also appreciate the fact that you advised the player when all eggs had been discovered/destroyed within the first two sections, because I lost count early on...lol. Good job once again 'GWL'...cheers.

Not like your

Posted: Sunday - March 2, 2008 6:50PM

Posted by: Prinny_SoC

usual cool maps. I have to say that I did not like this one. You had guys running in the air and you could not even shoot them when you stood right next to them. Like Woodrow I had enough chocolate, lol. Got first 20 and decided it was just grrrrrrrr........ Prinny

Shoot at flyers feet! I repeat shoot at flyers feet.

Posted: Sunday - March 2, 2008 10:20PM

Posted by: Dawg O War

The flyer jitter is game glitch not my fault. LOL! We gave you a hint on how to kill flyers. We kill them no problem. Yes they come from many directions. They follow an up and down waypoint list. You can shoot them out of the air. The AI accuracy is not set very high and is adjusted down for less players. I find in many cases with regular AI, I cannot kill some of them when I am standing still and dead on target. Could be game bug, game design, or maybe lag? If your moving and shooting your accuracy is not as good as standing still. Blame it on the game engine and ic mod animation. When AI running IC mod animations it is hard to kill AI. You will become a better on the fly shooter playing this map.

Some do not get map?

Posted: Thursday - March 20, 2008 6:53PM

Posted by: Dawg O War

Ok there may be some people from countries who do not know what Easter is, what it is about, or they may not of ever experienced an Easter egg hunt. Maybe they never had the Good Easter Bunny deliver the basket of goodies when they were kids.

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