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Map Details: Operation: Black Jungle

DF1 | DF2 | DFLW | DFTFD | DFBHD | DFBHD: TerraNova EXP | DFBHD: Team Sabre | Joint Operations | Joint Ops: Escalation | Joint Ops: IC | Joint Ops: AW2 | Delta Force Xtreme | Delta Force Xtreme2

View all joe maps by Nutz Marine

Operation: Black Jungle

Map Creator:

Nutz Marine

Game Version:

Joint Ops: Escalation

Game Type(s):



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4 users have rated this map.
DFB Rating: 

7 of 10

User Rating: 

8 of 10

Map Description:

*Made with JOE resources*

As part of Joint Operations standard operating procedure, all critical infrastructure within the occupied territory are first priority. Since our conventional forces are spread over other areas, command has decided to destroy this airport with a special forces operation. You are to infiltrate the area by paradrop, breach the airfield security, and destroy any anti-aircraft measures and any aircraft you find. Once you have done this, extract from the area via a small adobe structure to the northwest, it contains the necessary equipment to contact the extraction crew. After you complete your mission, our aircraft will be able to completely destroy anything else the enemy could find useful at the airfield.

Recommended for multiple players.

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Creator's Comments

Posted: Monday - May 1, 2006 7:20PM

Posted by: Nutz Marine

Map allows for dynamic gameplay, certain decisions not outlined in your objectives can be made to help your team reach victory. Be on the lookout for enemy ambushes when taking over an area. Your extraction will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, if you do not take the necessary precautions before evacuating the airfield. These precautions are not necessarily outlined in your objectives but rather should be strategic decisions made by a squad leader.


Posted: Monday - May 1, 2006 11:21PM

Posted by: badar123

Well I decided to play this alone and never had to use my head....Just my gun lol. Map was easy and bad guys easier.The only precaution I took was to not blow myself, other than that the map was fairly simple.The initial jump was smooth without any event and the bad guys never saw it comming. Like the idea of moving BGs' tho. Some tank fire and helos would make this fun. The story actually is very scary but its all fart no shit !(no offence) . 7/10

Posted: Monday - May 1, 2006 11:33PM

Posted by: jabo1SFH

thats one heck of an analogy badar.

Posted: Tuesday - May 2, 2006 1:47AM

Posted by: Nutz Marine

Lol, well this is a suprise, I thought I was going to get some serious flak for adding too much BGs on the extraction part....well, I can add some patrolling respawners like all my other maps, they keep you on your toes and a small group of them doesnt become overly annoying. I ran into some problems though because right now im at about 1000 objects and if I add much more, things will end up just not showing up. The reason there is so much is because I tried to add BG encounters from whichever direction you attacked the airport, and this just ended up spreading the AI too thin I guess. So ill try and get some patrols in that will put a real hurt on you. I'll try and get this update done within a week but my schedule is kinda packed. Sorry for this easy version, I dont want to start any bad precedents :).

Posted: Tuesday - May 2, 2006 3:30AM

Posted by: Sn8kByte

I just played this and I have to say. In my opinion the map was well done. The map played well and ended well. The layout was nice. I do agree it was a little easier than I like but it was a nice map anyway. I feel it was still a 9 since the only downside I could see was that it was a little easy. Nice Job Nutz marine

nice map

Posted: Tuesday - May 2, 2006 3:37AM

Posted by: 1Warlock1

the map is nice but it was a easy map for me -- but was a good map to play, good work -- so i think it is a 9 on layout

Posted: Wednesday - May 3, 2006 9:01AM

Posted by: RT-RainbowOne

very good mission, run good on dedicated server


Posted: Thursday - May 4, 2006 1:58PM

Posted by: RAP~RSU~

I agree with comments above...it is much to easy.Maybe u update it? Add probably some more Enemy vehicles as well.Map runs/cycled/ends fine on our dedicated server.NM you can do better than this....come on.7/10 RAP~RSU~ DFB Maprater

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