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Author: Subject: how to reduce lag and increase FPS in a map
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[*] posted on 3-11-2005 at 02:57 PM
how to reduce lag and increase FPS in a map

i learned from other mappers and on my own a few tricks to help reduce the lag(and still learning)

these are just guidelines for multi player maps that may help if you have lag issues

1. reduce or limit # of items (in lw usually 250-400 or less, in BHD or TS 700-900 or less*)

A.)delete redundant and/or unnessasary items

IE. in LW fences dont have fenceposts. so say your map has a large fence with fence posts in it if you want map to still look good and dont want to delete all the posts. instead place a fence post every 1-1/2 or 2 fence sections ** this could eliminate about 1 item/3 or 1 item/2 sections of fence.

IE. in BHD you make a map with 50 5X5 wooden platforms each with 10 planks to make top and 4 supports planks(pitched 90 degrees under it to make it look realistic) with the planks side by side touching each other it takes about 10 planks for the top part of the 5X5 platform but if u slightly spaced the wooden planks apart*** you could get top plank count down to 8 with the same size platform so each platform reduces item count by 2 with 50 platforms thats 100 items

B.) would find ways to replace 2 or more items with 1

IE. in BHD the long staight wall piece type A is 8M long you could replace four of them with one 32M stone wall piece

2. change maps settings to a darker day setting or sometimes a bright night and turn off shadows. so the map would have duller colors and no shadows so vid cards wouldnt have to render shadows and as many colors(or not as wide a variation in color brightness) this speeds up graphics processing

3. would try to limit total # of different items types to 50-75 items MAX in LW 75-100 MAX BHD/TS
your video card has to render all items individually from items stored in the VID cards memory the fewer items it has in its memory the more memory it has freed up for the vid card to render the items therefore it will run a bit faster and give you a better framerate.(saw this in a post awhile back cant remember who posted it)

IE. there are 2 types of pine trees in LW 5 differnet sizes each. use only 1-3 sizes of each type rotate or adjust z values for variation.

IE. if the map has alot of deco lets say 20 square crates and only 1 rectangular crate change rectangular crate into a square crate

4. may help FPS(frames per second) or map load time try a SSN purge

WARNING: you may have to reset some events ****
A. open med
B. open mission
C. back up .MIS
D. check snap in a high setting 256+(upper left of dflwmed in the grid box)
E. insert a building on a snap point away from your map items( i use a lrge building easy to see)
F. select all map items with the new snapped item selected last (deselect and reselect to be sure)
G. right click, select copy
H. delete all items selected
I. right click then paste items using same snap point with new item as reference point.
J. delete reference point item
K. save and export .

now all your items will have SSNs that will be 1 more than there item number this will keep everything in better order so when vidcard or game looks for an SSN for vid card to render itll be in a better order

results are barly noticable on maps that havent had alot of editing and revisions

IE: i had a LW map i revised several times my item count was about 400 but my highest SSN was 3000-4000 after i purged i tested it at about a 2-3 FPS increase normally its around 1 FPS increase which doesnt sound like much but every increase is in FPS is good and this only takes about a min.

note: you can also purge from page 1 to page 2 but you will have to reset everything in general information(fog, fog color, water ect. ect.)

5. limit # of items that do or will(upon explosion) flame or smoke

IE. in lw or BHD dont place alot of barrels close together when they explode they will cause a lag bomb

IE. in BHD smoke and anything with fire firebarrels, campfires

6.to many moving vehicles(forgot about this until smoking420@bud pointed it out)

* the fewer types of items u use the lhigher your items count can be

** fences would have to be lined up perfectly SNAP doesnt align the correctly unless there is a post between them

***spaced to far apart may cause clitches(falling through whille prone)

****in BHD/TS this will not work if any items SSN are used in events.

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