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Author: Subject: Sysdump.txt the common causes
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[*] posted on 2-25-2004 at 12:50 AM
Sysdump.txt the common causes

Sysdump.txt the common causes

DF games Affected - DF1,2,3,4 and the BHD series.

Over the last few years I have been lan gaming with Iceman55 and a few other mates.
I joined DFBarracks way back then, but all was lost when the site was sold, and we
all had to rejoin, even back then, the amount of posts about sysdumps was huge.

We started with DFLW and progressed through the next releases. All of us changed PC's
over the years, 2 or 3 times, and still the problem persists..."Bing"..SysDump.Txt

These notes are from this experience, with some thrown in from posts here at DFB.

SYSDUMPs are generated by the game when the Windows is told (using DirectX) to
perform a function. Windows then instructs the hardware (using the hardware's
drivers) to generate the image or sound. If for any reason there is confusion in
the process, you receive a sysdump.

Sysdumps can be broken down in 4 main parts.
1. Hardware/driver/system related
2. Mapping errors on the part of the mapper.
3. Other background software.
4. Hackers and Cheaters.

I'll discuss all 4 parts..

1. Hardware/driver/system related problems

Use these links from Novalogic to find your drivers.


DirectX and Video Drivers

The most common cause is the Video Drivers conflicting with the Version of DirectX
you have installed. You must have video drivers that where writen for the Version
of DirectX you have installed. So, for DirectX9b, you must have a minimum of driver
release 52.16 for nVidia, this was released after 9b, and is debugged from the previous rushed
versions of 43.xx.

Motherboard and Soundcard Drivers

Your motherboard uses a chipset to make things work, they are not all the same, they come from a
range of manufacturers, AMD, nVidia, Intel, VIA and a lot more. If you bought your motherboard
in a box, it came with an install disk, the motherboard drivers are on that disk, but you'll need
to check for updates from the manufacturers web site. The common rule is, if you can't find a web
site that supports your board, you shouldn't have bought it in the first place. These drivers also
drive the AGP chipset, which is different than the Video drivers, so make sure they are up to date.
Check your sound card drivers as well, if it's onboard sound, goto the same place as your M'B drivers
, otherwise look up the site for your separate card.


Your bios may be out of date..be careful here, you make your M/B useless, check your M/B website
for bios updates.


Heat...is your system running too hot? Clean your system on a monthy basis...keep out the dust..clean
heatsinks and fans, run software to monitor the temp of your CPU.

The system.

Emptying out the Temporary Internet Files, Recycling Bin & Temporary Files.

Sometimes there are corrupted files in the folder that the game recognize . Then when you reinstall the bad files are already there and the program won't run properly. Turn off or disable any antivirus software then reinstall.

Video Card itself.

How old is your video card...Does it support DirectX9b. Is it faulty.

2. Mapping errors on the part of the mapper.

The following Taken from a post by Crazy

1. 11 or more characters in the .bms file name - putting eleven or more characters in the name of your *.bms file may cause a sysdump. Try to shorten your name, and it may cause the game to load properly. The error seen is "unable to find map height".

2. Placing “null” markers on the map, and leaving them there when you save and export will cause sysdumps.
If you receive a sysdump, keep your eyes open for “nulls”.

3. Placing more than 7 different types of people on the map might cause a sysdump. Also keep your eyes ope
n for this if your receive a sysdump.

4. Once one of my maps had a conflict with a Z position I put on a unit. I believe the conflict was because
there was nothing for the unit to rest on (such as a floor). If you have exhausted all of the checks you can
run after receiving a sysdump, you may want to eliminate some units’ Z positions.

5. Placing vehicles on uneven ground might cause a sysdump.

6. Placing buildings on cliffs or hills where the sides are hanging over might cause a sysdump.

More on Mapping...

1. Keep amount of AI in an SP map to about 60, as per the Med manual.

2. Maps using Exp packs or other Addons..but the download didn't mention it...so it has height error
because the player doesn't have all the resourses in the Game folder or PFF file.
So make sure the maps your using are supported by the mos youhave , or don't have...

3. Spelling errors with wac files

4. Incorrect creation of custom bin files.

5. Items outside the red suare.

6. More than 1200 objects?

7. Not enough spawns points...timed game entry...players can't spawn
you can only have 1 player spawn at once on each spawn point.

8. DF2 - Keep file names short for bms files, 11 charcters max.

9. Loading a save after you have edited the mis file.

3. Other background software

1. Make sure that no anti-virus software is running in Windows when you play the
game (especially Norton Anti-Virus). These programs conflict with the normal
processes of the game and may be the source of your system crashes.

2. Manual update virus checkers, so your virus checker won't update while you are playing.

3. Turn off auto virus check so it won't start scanning your Hard Drive while playing.

4. Keep your System tray as emtpy as possible.

5. MSN, ICQ, Voice software, Kazza othere p2p software may interfer, turn them off.

4. Hackers and Cheaters.

1. Forced sysdumps in DF2...sysdump-Hack beatable with C/B

Hints and Tips

1. Make sure you run the correct NoCd for the patch you have installed.

2. Try and run older DF games in compatibility mode.

3. Keep your temp folders empty, the one in the windows folder, and if you have WinXP,
there's one in the C:\Documents and Settings\users and one under your log in name
in the same folder. I've seen some installs of XP put this temp folder in the windows
folder as well.

4. Keep your hard Drive Defraged

5. Keep enough empty space on your hard drive for the virtual memory to use.

6. Run Spyware software to get rid of odd background programs

7. AMD CPU's are more unstable and require constant updating off drivers.


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